3 Ways To Being a History Maker

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3 Ways To Being a History Maker An International Celebration of Women Accomplishments Everywhere   Do you consider yourself a History Maker? Each year during the month of March, women everywhere are celebrated for courage, leadership, and vision to see the communities we live in thrive and make our nation a better place for all people. It is no secret that women made and continue to make major contributions to shaping not only our American History but our future legacy as well. Not only do women possess the drive and conviction to effect change in this great nation but we do [...]

How to Motivate Yourself & Your Team as a Leader

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How to Motivate Yourself & Your Team as a Leader By Eryka T. Johnson There’s nothing worse than having a team of people looking to you for guidance when you’ve lost your motivation as a leader. Not only do you not feel like a leader but you are trying your best to just make it from a personal standpoint. Face it…leaders are expected to keep a good attitude, build confidence & be available to inspire others at the snap of a finger even if your day is not so good. Wouldn’t it be nice to motivate and inspire even when [...]