10 Reasons Why Most People Struggle to Forgive

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10 Reasons Why Most People Struggle to Forgive And What To Do About It! By Eryka T. Johnson As I was sitting in my favorite chair with my comfy zebra print blanket, I thought about the number of women I come into contact daily that have such an incredible potential to go far but seem to be stuck. One common thing that most of these women are dealing with is a lack of forgiveness. WOW! Did you know forgiveness is a beautiful thing? When you truly understand the benefits it brings to your life, it becomes a daily routine you [...]

3 Reasons You Should Forgive

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3 Reasons You Should Forgive By Eryka T. Johnson Have you struggled with whether or not you should forgive? You carry a weight on your shoulders and a grudge in your heart but still the thought of forgiving that person is still painful. Not only did they wound you, but they have caused major conflict in your life. Before you decide that you are totally incapable of forgiving at this time, let me share with you the 3 reasons you should forgive. You will be surprised to find that forgiveness is 100% for YOU rather than the other person. If [...]

The Power to Forgive and Forget

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The Power to Forgive and Forget By Eryka T. Johnson Hopefully, you have been following the discussions going on in our Facebook community this past week. If not, you definitely should get involved because we are addressing the subject of forgiveness & its companion - forgetting. It REALLY burdens me to see so many women with incredible futures ahead that refuse to forgive. The hurt was horrific and you probably lost your dignity which makes it all the more un-bearable. Look...I have been there having experienced molestation, gang rape, rejection, and abandonment. My life has not been a bed of [...]

Learning to Forgive Can Reduce Stress

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Learning to Forgive Can Reduce Stress By Eryka T. Johnson Did you know that forgiveness can reduce stress and help you live a happier life?  Yes, it has a wonderful power to free your heart and ease your mind. Not only do you get a better rest at night but you also have more productive days. In this article, we will discuss how learning to forgive can reduce stress. Think about it for a moment. What are some of the stresses that come along with dealing with offence? I can think of a few… You feel like you are in [...]