[VIDEO] How Confident Women Lead: Leading vs Waiting

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How Confident Women Lead: Leaping vs Waiting  By Eryka T. Johnson Leaping is a natural tendency for Confident Women. Although it's never a good time to take a HUGE leap in your career, business or life, it can be rewarding. When you leap, three things happen that literally transform your confidence. (1) When you leap, you make a decision that creates momentum. (2) When you leap, you put F.E.A.R. in it's place. (3) When you leap, you operate in your brilliance. Watch today's video as we discuss the benefits of leaping versus waiting. Please share! Eryka T. Johnson

3 Steps to Uncover Hidden Career Opportunities in Front of You

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3 Steps to Uncover Hidden Career Opportunities in Front of You By Eryka T. Johnson Although some people seem to go from one great career opportunity to the next, you have been in your assignment for a few years now. I understand you work hard and focus daily on providing the best quality service to your employer however; things do not normally happen for you so quickly. What is the difference? Well, in today’s article we will discuss three steps to uncover hidden career opportunities in front of you.   According to an article entitled “Understanding Hidden Career Opportunities” found [...]