When to Walk Away from a Stressful Situation

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When to Walk Away from a Stressful Situation No matter where you are in life, pressure is always waiting to test your endurance and see just how long you can last. But, when it is too much pressure, totally un-necessary, and adds no value to your life, you may want to consider managing and eliminating this stress in a much different way. In this article, we will discuss when to walk away from a stressful situation and how this alone shows your commitment to self-love. No one is exempt from tension. Whether you are a mom, teacher, counselor, minister, government [...]

Secret Hide Outs For Peace & Quiet The Kids Will Never Find

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Secret Hide Outs for Peace & Quiet the Kids Will Never Find Have you ever found yourself hiding out in your home to get a few moments of peace and quiet? You possibly have kids that are constantly calling your name, a spouse who is in desperate need of something, or elderly parents who require as much attention as your children. Well, you are not alone. In fact, when I asked this question within my Facebook community, the responses were hilarious. I quickly realized that I was not the only one who had secret places within the home to escape [...]

Learning to Forgive Can Reduce Stress

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Learning to Forgive Can Reduce Stress By Eryka T. Johnson Did you know that forgiveness can reduce stress and help you live a happier life?  Yes, it has a wonderful power to free your heart and ease your mind. Not only do you get a better rest at night but you also have more productive days. In this article, we will discuss how learning to forgive can reduce stress. Think about it for a moment. What are some of the stresses that come along with dealing with offence? I can think of a few… You feel like you are in [...]