Take Back Your Power As A Woman

By |February 10th, 2017|Career Success, Leadership, Leadership Development, Personal Branding|

Take Back Your Power As A Woman By Eryka T. Johnson Does giving to others consume your day and you rarely get the opportunity to focus on self or receive little in return? You are among good company. Women are notorious for stretching themselves thin and overcommitting. If you’re struggling to understand how to gain control, today’s article offers advice on how to balance your life and take back your power as a woman. Life happens and continues to happen even when the desire to turn things off is present. Can you relate? Remembering how I neglected my own desires [...]

Offense Takes Away Your Voice & Causes Havoc

By |August 26th, 2013|Change Your Life, Motivational, Self-Improvement|

Offense Takes Away Your Voice & Causes Havoc By Eryka T. Johnson Have you ever sat and wondered why offense causes so much pain? One minute you are fine and the next you are so mad you could scream. Or could you? It’s interesting that instead of offense causing you to speak out against it while in rage, you typically will build walls that trap you inside and take away your voice. In today’s article we are focusing on the #1 thing that offense does – take away your voice – and the plan to put a stop to it. [...]

The Power to Forgive and Forget

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The Power to Forgive and Forget By Eryka T. Johnson Hopefully, you have been following the discussions going on in our Facebook community this past week. If not, you definitely should get involved because we are addressing the subject of forgiveness & its companion - forgetting. It REALLY burdens me to see so many women with incredible futures ahead that refuse to forgive. The hurt was horrific and you probably lost your dignity which makes it all the more un-bearable. Look...I have been there having experienced molestation, gang rape, rejection, and abandonment. My life has not been a bed of [...]