[VIDEO] How Confident Women Lead: Leading vs Waiting

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How Confident Women Lead: Leaping vs Waiting  By Eryka T. Johnson Leaping is a natural tendency for Confident Women. Although it's never a good time to take a HUGE leap in your career, business or life, it can be rewarding. When you leap, three things happen that literally transform your confidence. (1) When you leap, you make a decision that creates momentum. (2) When you leap, you put F.E.A.R. in it's place. (3) When you leap, you operate in your brilliance. Watch today's video as we discuss the benefits of leaping versus waiting. Please share! Eryka T. Johnson

How to Motivate Yourself & Your Team as a Leader

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How to Motivate Yourself & Your Team as a Leader By Eryka T. Johnson There’s nothing worse than having a team of people looking to you for guidance when you’ve lost your motivation as a leader. Not only do you not feel like a leader but you are trying your best to just make it from a personal standpoint. Face it…leaders are expected to keep a good attitude, build confidence & be available to inspire others at the snap of a finger even if your day is not so good. Wouldn’t it be nice to motivate and inspire even when [...]

What’s the Fine Line Between Confidence & Ego?

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What’s the Fine Line Between Confidence & Ego? By Eryka T. Johnson Often times, my husband says that “if it’s true then it’s not bragging.” He even started a debate on his Facebook wall one day around this saying. Well, I must say I totally disagree with that statement. There is a fine line between ego and confidence! Ego is sometimes passed off as confidence. But in my mind, they are two totally different qualities. One promotes making others feel less while the other seeks to build. In today’s video, I will clear up the BIG difference between ego and [...]