You are Not Nuts! Talking to Yourself Can Reveal the Promise

By |September 1st, 2012|Daily Inspiration, Get Moving, Purpose|

You are Not Nuts! Talking to Yourself Can Reveal the Promise By Eryka T. Johnson   You are not nuts! Did you know that you have promise? I mean really know that there is something so deep inside of you that is so promising and it has no choice but to produce. Well, simply assessing who you are through a series of questions can reveal that promise. Yes, it is that easy! No, you are not bananas! It is time to do a self-interview. You hold the key to unlocking the greatness within you. These following questions may spark other questions that [...]

Re-Born to Win

By |November 5th, 2011|Daily Inspiration|

Re-Born to Win By Eryka T. Johnson …but Christ liveth in me… (Galatians 2:20) A minister shared an amazing truth the other day. He said, ‘The God of the Universe lives in me’. Simple right? Yet, many fail to believe or quickly forget this very truth when faced with situations and circumstances seeking to defeat them. I believe if a world-wide survey of believers was administered, we would be shocked at the number suffering from depression, fear, worry, low self-esteem, and things of the like. At what point did we begin believing the lie? The lie that we could not [...]