preparing ahead of time

The Danger of Not Preparing Ahead of Time & The Nightmare It Creates

By Eryka T. Johnson

Preparing ahead of time is a necessity when you are a busy mom with lots of responsibilities.  If you don’t know by now, you are the go-to person, the expert, and the super star of the family. Whenever the kids are in need of snacks, help with homework, and a hug or your spouse needs a back rub, his keys, or a roll of tissue, you are the one who has to arise to the occasion and meet the needs of everyone. With this type of schedule, it is imperative that you plan your energy and time wisely.

Well, this morning I did not follow this same advice!

Last night after working 3 hours in the home office, ironing clothes, and changing the bed linen, I decided to save the remaining tasks for the following morning. I got up about 6am determined that today would all fall into order. I took a warm bed while reading a chapter of an incredible book, expressed milk for the baby while scheduling a couple social media posts, got the kids up to get ready for school, and finally dressed myself.  Because I waited until this morning to fill in the gaps, I put myself behind time. I ended up preparing my food and my breastfeeding bag on my way out the door.

I get to work and begin my day.  All is well until lunchtime.  I pull out my essentials to express milk when I realize that I’ve forgotten my breast shields at home on the bottle rack.  Thankfully, I was able to reach my husband and he agreed to get them over to me quickly.

All set…well, that’s what I thought!

As I arrived at the mother’s room on the 2nd floor of my building to express milk, I reached into my bag and pulled out all the necessary components. Maybe you have never nursed a baby before but I’ll get to the point real soon.  I pulled out the necessary equipment and assembled everything. As I sat pumping, excited to finally get the milk out of my body…the pump turned off within about 3 minutes.

Are you serious?

It turns out that I neglected to charge the pump battery and did not have the charger in my bag to plug into the wall. You must be kidding me? My husband went through the trouble of bringing me the parts I forgot at home and now I can’t use the pump anyway.

Well, because my mind was designed to see solutions, I did not fret. I simply reverted back to the old school style. I used my hands and began to express the milk manually. Oh my goodness! This was a daunting task. I was trying to hold the bottle, keep the milk inside the bottle and not on my clothes, and express the milk all at the same time. What a nightmare!

I’m not sure if you can relate to this nursing mom nightmare. But, hopefully you get the lesson from the story I just shared. Preparing ahead of time will keep you from creating nightmares that you wish would go away.  Not only did I not express nearly the amount of milk I usually get when pumping, but my hands were tired.

So, the next time you want to be supermom, make sure you eliminate the danger of not preparing ahead of time & creating nightmares that actually turn into funny stories later.

Can you recall a time when you were not preparing ahead of time and the nightmare it created? Come over to Facebook and share your story. I’ll be waiting for you there.

Eryka T. Johnson