Tactical Tools for Emerging Women Leaders


Are you looking to build your leadership skills in a safe environment that offers support, community, and accountability?

In corporate things are competitive. Women face all types of challenges. All of which threaten to hinder her career success…

  • Self-imposed limitations
  • Being passed over for promotions and high visibility projects
  • Mis-labeled as incompetent and soft simply for being a woman
  • Competition with other women of greater influence that drag her down
  • Undervalued work and overlooked skill sets
  • Constantly having to prove herself against her male counterpartsbeautiful young african businesswoman pointing up

“Although each struggle is real, it can be overcome with the proper training and development as a leader.” – Eryka T. Johnson

Influencers Leadership Institute is an online training center created for the professional woman looking to advance her career, learn the skills to get recognized as a leader, and build the acumen to enter her organization’s talent pipeline. It’s a cost effective way to obtain the knowledge and tools necessary to break into leadership.

Have you ever heard that in order to get ahead you need to work harder? In reality this is not the solution. If you work harder, you will only attract the same – more work. Leaders instead work smarter. Women who effectively lead understand how to leverage themselves and work through others.

To be identified as a high potential, you must be able to set yourself a part from everyone else. Developing strong leadership skills and displaying executive presence are ways in which to do so. But, where do go for this type of training?

Enroll in Influencers Leadership Institute to hear from expert faculty on how to navigate your career for optimal success. Trainings are delivered virtually via webinars and online courses. Develop your leadership skills and get your questions answered as experts discuss the following:
Leadership skill concept, 3d imagen

  • Mindset Shifts as a Leader
  • Mistakes Women Leaders Unknowingly Make
  • Executive Presence
  • Creating Job Opportunities
  • Effective Networking and Building Profitable Relationships
  • Personal Branding as an Emerging Leader
  • Self-awareness and Personal Leadership Skills
  • Effective Written & Oral Communication
  • Visibility Strategies
  • Leading Others
  • Problem Solving
  • Leadership Levels and Styles
  • Qualities and Characteristics of a Great Leader
  • Building Teams
  • Developing Others
  • Managing your Career
  • Executive Qualities for Promotion
  • Persuasion and Influence
  • Negotiating and Conflict Resolution
  • Decision Making Skills
  • Vision & Strategy
  • Driving Change
  • Time & Energy Management

Map out your career success plan. Hear from women leaders who have been there and want to help you get to the next level in your career. Corporations promote leaders not desire. It’s time to develop the skills necessary to take your career to the next level through women’s leadership training.

Are you ready to change your career trajectory? Start now to prepare yourself as a great leader!

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