embarrassing moment

Turn Any Embarrassing Moment into a Good Memory

By Eryka T. Johnson

Have you ever had a moment in your life that was so embarrassing you wanted to find a place to hide or even forget it ever happened? Things were so devastating how could you possibly show your face again. Newsflash…all is not lost. In fact, let’s discuss how to turn any embarrassing moment into a good memory.

My husband and I were invited by my sister-in-law to attend a black-tie and red carpet event in Houston this past Sunday. The invitation came pretty late in the week but I definitely wanted to show support for my sissy. It was a company function where she would be recognized for her hard work.

I quickly had to find a gown and shoes. Within 2 hours, I had the perfect dress in my favorite color – blue. We got dressed and were off to the event that began at 5pm.

When we arrived, I noticed that some folks on the outside of the building were not dressed appropriately. When I questioned my sister-in-law, she re-assured me that it was an elegant event.

We walked to the front door of the building and were greeted by a gentleman in a suit. When I asked if this was a black-tie event, he responded that it was NOT but everyone was encouraged to wear purple.


The entire room fixed their eyes on our beautiful gowns, heels, and up-do’s. And, instantly the chatter began. Really? We’ve just arrived at an event dress elegantly to only find other guests wearing jeans and polo shirts. How could we have gotten the wrong memo about the attire? Was the communication off or did everyone else dress inappropriately?

We proudly walked through the crowd to the other side of the room. We ordered drinks, talked, and laughed for about 20 minutes. My husband even worked the room and networked a bit. Then, I got the bright idea to go to a restaurant where we would feel comfortable and enjoy good eating at the same time. Off we went to Midtown Houston to enjoy ourselves at a 5-star restaurant. The atmosphere was nice and the food was great. Well, at least I enjoyed the food.

It was the perfect date night for my husband and me!

The next time you are faced with an embarrassing moment, consider turning it into a good memory using the following plan:

  1. Hold your head up. Although it feels uncomfortable, you will make it.
  2. Relax a bit. Don’t let the embarrassment consume you.
  3. Strike up a conversation. Engage with the people around you.
  4. Be quick on your feet. Think of a way to creatively turn the situation around in your favor.
  5. Laugh about the situation. It will only get better from here.

Can you recall an embarrassing moment you would love to turn into a good memory? Please share.

Eryka T. Johnson