Understand How Dreams, Visions, And Prophetic Words Speak to Your Future

Understand How Dreams, Visions, And Prophetic Words Speak to Your Future

 By Eryka T. Johnson

Dreams, visions, and prophetic words are powerful tools used to de-code and receive insight into your future.

Where will life go from here?

Who will be involved in my life in a few years?

What great exploits will I do and who will I affect most?

These are all questions that divinely-inspired dreams, visions, and prophetic words can reveal the answers.

If you are like me, you probably have journals filled with nightly dreams, images received during a vision, or even words that the Spirit impressed upon your heart during your personal time of prayer and meditation. If so, read over each entry and extract the common themes that you find. It’s pretty amazing how God will speak directly to you if you are willing to listen and comprehend what He is saying.

If you do not have any of this information readily available, you will have to spend time recollecting and recording. This will require you to find a quiet place without any distractions preferably when the family is either away or asleep. Remember, you are not alone in this exercise, simply ask the Holy Spirit to reveal these things to you. Once you have recorded all that the Holy Spirit shared, determine the common themes among the entries.

Have a blast getting to know what your future holds and even greater fun fulfilling the call on your life.

What other ways have you used your divinely-inspired dreams, visions, and prophetic words?

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Eryka T. Johnson