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“You are the master of your destiny. You can influence, direct and control your own environment. You can make your life what you want it to be.” – Napoleon Hill

Do you struggle to complete the goals you set for yourself each year? Is it difficult to finish what you start? Would you like to create a vision board that gets results? Would you love to host your own vision board party for your girlfriends but don’t know where to start? Well, I may have the solution for you…Vision Boards 101 Masterclass.


Like most women leaders, I too have struggled to manifest my hopes and dreams. I would set new resolutions each year but lose motivation to accomplish them within months. Then, here comes the regret and self-doubt. How discouraging!

That was until I understood the power of goal setting and vision boards (living intentionally). Since that time, I’ve been able to shift things around in my life. Things like…

  • Write my first leadership book Own Your Life in less than 30 days
  • Form a partnership with Barnes & Noble to promote and launch my first book
  • Rebrand myself in the leadership field
  • Pay off $20,000 in debt in one year without adding extra income to the budget
  • Build a global platform to share my message of hope & courage with over 15,000 professional women leaders
  • Save my marriage from divorce
  • Change my mindset from victim to leadervision boards

“Opportunities rise to meet your level of expectation.”- Eryka T. Johnson

Vision Boards help you visualize what you want in life and get intentional about manifesting it. They are leadership tools and faith builders. You get an opportunity to design the life you want through the use of pictures and affirmations without obstacles or self-limiting beliefs.


Vision Boards are powerful tools of transformation. IF you don’t have one then you are missing out. It’s time to attract the right opportunities AND right connections to your vision.


Hear what other women leaders are saying about our Masterclass and Vision Board 101 Video Training Sessions…

“I was able to increase my tax business clientele by 75% this past season liked we worked on during the live training. Thank you for this Masterclass. It was awesome. ” – Yolonda Beverly

“Your Masterclass showed me how to dissect my goals into actionable steps. I could not see the breakdown of this process until I took your class. Thanks for sharing. Awesome experience” – Yolanda Carr

“You’re an inspiration and I look forward to learning more with you! I’ve been creating vision boards ALL wrong” – Doretha Hall

“Thanks Eryka for being so transparent” – Rolanda Allen

“Great information loving this!” – Fatima Peat-Ricks

“Thanks, I really enjoyed this session. Looking forward to a year of change for me!” – Bertha Harris

“I enjoyed the Periscope today. Thank you for serving us. God Bless!” – Arisha Spivey

“You are amazing! My day is better.” – Renzo Seattle


If you are ready to give direction to your hopes & dreams and design a life full of impact & influence, join us for…

Vision Boards 101 Masterclass

This is the ultimate VIRTUAL experience for women leaders who are serious about making 2017 their best year.  It’s GOAL SETTING and LIFE MAPPING on steroids!


For 3 hours, I will walk you step-by-step through the process of designing the life you desire.  Here are some things I will help you do…

  • Create a winning vision board
  • Create your own personal images to place on your vision board
  • Clear the clutter and vividly describe your vision   
  • Define your goals in 7 areas that complete you as an individual & leader 
  • Breakdown your yearly goals into 90-day increments and manageable action steps to take daily
  • Prioritize your goals based on energy level – high, moderate, and low
  • Plan your own vision board party for you and your friends 
  • PLUS – Hear me work one-on-one with the LIVE attendees to convert their ideas into income




You will receive your own Vision Board Success Toolkit. Containing the following… 

vision board success kit



If you are still unsure if this MASTERCLASS is for you, let me help with this.


NOTE: This MASTERCLASS is ONLY for the woman leader who is ready to…

  • Grow her business 
  • Finish her college degree in record time
  • Launch her new app
  • Have a fit and healthy lifestyle
  • Write and publish her first book 
  • Build her financial portfolio
  • Find love & meet the man of her dreams
  • Build her confidence and courage
  • Live a life of purpose, order, & significance


Vision boards are powerful tools in bringing your dream to life! When you take time to focus on what you really want, you put yourself in position to get it. I’m a witness.


Grab your copy for ONLY $99.  vision boards