let goWhen To Let Go But Still Soar Like An Eagle

Eryka T. Johnson

Today, I woke up struggling with a decision that I must make to let go. It’s a difficult one for me though. Because my heart is to serve and lift up, I was sad about closing the door on an opportunity to do just that.

But, God reminded me of Isa 40:31.

When I took the time to not only read it but get a revelation from it, I was so strengthen and encouraged. I thought I would share it with you today. In fact, I’m planning to turn this into a personal declaration that I speak over myself daily.

Those who expect from God or place their expectation in God will have their ability, fruits, substance, and wealth spring up. They will excel, increase, recover, and be restored like the eagle. They will bring hastily without toiling for a sweat-less victory. They will lead, prosper, and pursue without tiring.

May these words encourage you today as they have me. Look up!

Love you,