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When to Walk Away from a Stressful Situation

No matter where you are in life, pressure is always waiting to test your endurance and see just how long you can last. But, when it is too much pressure, totally un-necessary, and adds no value to your life, you may want to consider managing and eliminating this stress in a much different way. In this article, we will discuss when to walk away from a stressful situation and how this alone shows your commitment to self-love.

No one is exempt from tension. Whether you are a mom, teacher, counselor, minister, government official, or lawyer, you will deal with stress at some point in your life. There are situations and people you encounter that quite frankly get on your nerves, not to mention, may cause you to lose sleep at night.

In those cases where you may be fighting a situation that will not change any time soon, you must know when it’s time to walk away. This may be a short break or it may be just that bad where you have to walk away for good. Nevertheless, only you can determine how long the break needs to be.

Here are a few things to consider when you are trying to determine when it’s a good time to walk away and say enough is enough.

Sickness in your body

Stress can attack your immune system or even affect your blood pressure. Either of these will lead to more serious issues if left un-treated. In fact, high blood pressure can lead to heart disease and even death. Should you find yourself in a situation that causes physical sickness in your body, it is time to do something and quickly.  


I’ve had to deal with depression and feeling totally lost, helpless, and alone. Because, depression has the tendency to cause you to shut others out, it will secretly grow in the inside and consume you. You may stop eating and even choose not to be around others. Don’t allow that situation to send you into a shell. Walk away until you are mentally strong enough to deal with it or until it works itself out.

Consumes your every thought

Stressful situations can lead to you constantly thinking about the situation in your mind. You replay things over and over. Should I go or should I stay? Is this the right thing to do? Why is this always happening to me? Whatever the thoughts that are running through your head, they will consume you day and night and cause you to get no rest or even lose total focus in anything else you are doing. You must diffuse the source of your frustration.

Choosing to walk away is not being cowardly. Instead, knowing when you must walk away because of sickness, depression, or total consumption shows just how courageous you are & your commitment to self-love.

Too much pressure over long periods of time is not healthy. Choose yourself over the stress. It’s time that these stressful situations and people respect who you are as a person committed to living a long, happy life and loving yourself in the process.

Respond and let me know you made a decision today to love yourself more than trying to hold on to the un-necessary stress.

Eryka T. Johnson