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[Women Leaders] Why You Need a Vision Board Now?

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VISION BOARDS help in three areas needed to have success in life – Clarity, Confidence, and Courage.

Have you ever heard of the saying…”a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well this principle is hard at work in reference to vision boards.

Think about it for a moment. When someone takes the time to describe something to you using vivid details, colors, and sizes, it quickly becomes easy to visualize what they are describing.

Vision Boards give life to the time-tested principle of goal setting. It’s a tool that is to be used when creating your V.A.S.T. goals and getting clear on what you really want in life.

V – valuable

A – attainable

S – specific

T – Timed

You begin with V.A.S.T. goals then create a visual representation of those goals.



Vision boards provide clarity.

If you are feeling stuck, I can positively say that you may be unclear about what you truly want out of life, your career, your marrigae, your relationships, your business, etc. Where there is lack of clarity, confusion and chaos exists.

Vision boards however allow you to clarify your desires. You see yourself in the future as a better and higher version of YOURSELF. You know where you want to go and have taken the time to clarify the specifics.

The pictures and affirmations alone speak volumes. They invoke feelings that bring you joy and happiness.



Vision boards build your confidence.

They give you an assurance of where your future is heading. You don’t worry about where you will be a year from now because if you use your vision board properly, you will get there in record time.

Honestly, I view them as tools to help build your faith and belief. As you continuously look at your vision board and recite your affirmations, you build your confidence. To achieve any goals, you need belief. You must believe you can reach the goals to really get there.



Vision boards give you courage.

When you can visualize your dreams coming to pass via a vision board, you get the motivation necessary to take BOLD action. You are not comfortable with things simply staying the same. You want change and you want it now.

Vision boards help you accelerate the change you want to see in every area of your life because you literally see yourself operating at a higher level.

You make those phone calls you were once afraid to make. You ask for the sale when in the past you would have never had to the guts to do so. You communicate to your management that you expect to receive a 10% raise or you will be seeking other opportunities this year.

Vision boards help you be BOLD. But, you must put goals on it that cause you to stretch and rise above what you are and who you are today.

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Eryka T. Johnson