042Women In Leadership Need Confidants Too

By Eryka T. Johnson

Leadership can get lonely at times. You invest so much time and energy inspiring and building others and sharing the vision. When conflict arises in your life, it’s difficult to know who to trust or even if you can truly bear your soul to another. In other words…is it ok to be vulnerable as a leader?  In today’s article, we will discuss why women in leadership need confidants too.


Many women leaders have been sold a lie. What’s that? In leadership, you are expected to be perfect and having everything together professionally and personally, especially if you stand a chance against your male counterparts.


There are tons of resources out there that allow you to improve professionally and navigate through the ranks quickly.  But, when it comes to life management, there are not as many resources. Better yet, leaders are afraid to open up, be vulnerable, and say “I need help.” So, many of these resources may go un-tapped.


As a natural motivator, I always have words to encourage anyone who comes into my life. But honestly, there are times that I don’t feel like the best motivator, mother, or even leader. In those moments, I typically share my personal struggles with a trusted confidant – my husband. He usually has divinely-inspired wisdom to share that allows me to get out of the rut I’m experiencing.


The truth of the matter

As an effective leader, you cannot compartmentalize your life. You are the same person who shows up on the job that is battling things at home. Your vision as a leader must encompass every area of your life including the management of life situations. Find that one person with whom you can openly share your struggles and receive guidance to overcoming those challenges.


As an effective leader, you are not exempt from trouble. The word of God tells us that trouble will come but a way out is always available. Expect that challenges will come. Accept it. All you can do is work through them one step at a time.


As an effective leader, you need to model the behavior you expect from those who follow you. Selling the lie that you have no struggles only gives permission to others not to be authentic. More than ever, people are connecting as a result of vulnerability and approachability. In fact, it gives you an edge, greater influence, and another avenue in which to build trust and relationship.


Why do women in leadership need confidants? Because you are human. The more you invest in yourself, the better equipped you are to deal with those who follow you.


Do you have a confidant with whom you can share openly? Let me know.


With LOVE,

Eryka T. Johnson