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You Were Built To Stand Out NOT Fit In At The Workplace

By Eryka T. Johnson

Do you struggle with fitting in at the workplace? No matter how hard you try to blend, collaborate with others, or even do like everyone else does you do not quite fit in. You are just as qualified and technically sound as the best. You understand your job function and are effective at it. However, something is still missing. In today’s article, let’s discuss how you were built to stand out NOT fit in at the workplace.

While on the plane travelling back to Houston after spending 4 days in a room full of visionary leaders, I recalled the experience. I can remember the environment and feeling at peace and like I was among family. The things I was passionate about they understood. We talked about our dreams, our passions, and our visions. No one person’s desire was the same as the other. There was a mutual respect for individuality. However, we did have ONE goal in common to change the world by utilizing our gifts.

The more I thought about this it became clear. Throughout my 14 years in corporate America as an engineer and leader, I never felt at peace. Rather, I felt like a peg inside of a square. I had been contained with a lid and told to remain in the box. I NEVER fit in and now I know why.

I was built to stand out and incorporate my individuality into the workplace to make it better.

A movement does not begin by blending in with the crowd. Rather, it begins with one individual radical enough to discover herself, connect with her passions, and share her vision. They begin by women not afraid to BE themselves and encourage other women to do the same. When your desire to see change is strong enough, there will be a movement.

Be comfortable in your own skin. See the value in what you bring to the workplace. Do not shrink just to fit in a tiny place. Your vision is much BIGGER than that.

So, were you built to stand out or fit in? I would love to hear your story. Respond below.

Stand out,

Eryka T Johnson





Eryka T. Johnson

Leadership Brand Strategist, Author & Keynote Speaker