doing what you love10 Attitudes Holding You Back From Doing What You Love

By Eryka T. Johnson

Everyone has a dream to do something BIG or even experience life at a greater level. Yet, if you are not careful, you may waste precious time not doing what you love or pursuing your dreams because of negative thoughts or attitudes.

To be set apart and looked upon as a leader is a huge responsibility. Guess what? We ALL are leaders – mainly in our own lives. So, not only do you set trends but you often have to break through barriers to live your best life and truly own your life. And, where do most of these barriers reside? Here it is…in your mind!

Could any of these attitudes be holding you back?

  1. You are afraid of rejection. Who will listen or even understand you?
  2. You are stuck and don’t know where to get started. What is my next step?
  3. You are scared that you just may succeed or simply put…you have a fear of success. And, what does success REALLY feel like anyway?
  4. You are NOT fully committed yet to the idea of living outside the box. It’s more comfortable where you are…why disturb the norm?
  5. You are not completely sure you have what it takes because of what others have said about you. Can I truly measure up to their standards?
  6. You are afraid of being lonely. Not everyone has a passion to be unique, different, and push pass the limits.
  7. You lack in your faith. You want to believe but don’t know how.
  8. You are afraid of the amount of work and resources you will invest to get things moving.
  9. You are not sure if you will be able to maintain things once they get started.
  10. Your confidence is low because you don’t believe you can make it.

You may have seen at least one attitude that you are experiencing right at this moment. The good thing though is that you can change the current status of your life and find yourself doing what you love. It’s time to own your life.

So, what keeps you from doing what you love? I would love to hear.

With LOVE,

Eryka T. Johnson