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3 Simple Tips To Define Your Personal Brand In The Workplace

By Eryka T. Johnson

Has anyone in the workplace ever asked what do you stand for, what are your personal values or what is your personal guarantee? If they did, they were seeking clarity about your personal brand. Branding in the workplace is just as important as branding is for businesses like Apple, Nike, and ExxonMobil. In today’s article, let’s discuss 3 simple tips to define your personal brand in the workplace.

Can you recall ever working on a team with someone and knowing beforehand the experience to expect? The team leader would get frustrated, complete everything at the last minute, and even take credit for doing ALL the work if the project turned out extremely well. This is simply known as a personal brand – the experience you have in the presence of and working with an individual in the workplace.

I would periodically lead incident investigations for my employer. There was always one individual I particularly enjoyed working with on my team. He was knowledgeable about the process, could easily find the root cause, understood how to read individuals particularly during the interview process, and always provided quick turnarounds. He consistently delivered each time. I knew what to expect and he prided himself on exceeding those expectations. This is known as his personal guarantee, secret sauce, or personal brand.

Here are 3 simple tips that you can use today to define your personal brand in the workplace.

Be visionary in your thinking.

What would you like for others to experience when working with you? Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine your interaction others and what you would want them to say about you. Can you see it? If you are not there presently, do not worry. You should constantly work towards what your vision. A good leader invests in herself. As well as, she loves self-improvement and personal development.

Be clear on what is important to you.

Write down your personal values. These values have the tendency to spill over to every area of your life as you are the same person everywhere you go. Also, those things most important to you will be more dominate in your interactions with others.

Ask trusted peers what they experience when working with you.

We all have blind spots that we are not able to see. This keeps us from being islands and operating in silos. Ask your peers to describe why they love working with you. Be prepared for things you like and things that may require immediate attention.

Let’s try it. Tell me one thing that makes up your personal brand.

Stand out,

Eryka T Johnson





Eryka T. Johnson

Leadership Brand Strategist, Author & Keynote Speaker