pursue your passion

3 Steps to Take to Pursue Your Passion After Narrowing Your Focus

By Eryka T. Johnson

To pursue your passion in life would be one of the greatest experiences you could have as a woman. Not only are you multi-talented, but you’ve been given a special ability to dream and to birth your dreams like no one else. In fact, you have everything in you right now to step out your comfort zone and pursue your passion. In this article, we will focus on three steps to take to pursue your passion after you have narrowed your focus.

The natural design of a woman is to be a nurturer and to add value wherever she goes.  If she goes to work outside the home, she adds value. If she goes to assist with the local little league team, she adds value. If she visits a sick friend in the hospital, she adds value. Women are designed with value. And, one of those valuable things about a woman is her ability to be passionate about purpose.

I can remember the moment when purpose entered my heart and became a reality for me. I had been wondering around for years aimlessly and could not even see myself 1 year in the future. I was just living day-to-day and forgot all about dreaming or even having a vision for my life. You could say that I was without any hope.  

But, when I met purpose, there was a passion that rose up in me and still motivates me today.

I knew that I had something to do and I needed to get it done or at least focus on getting it done. In doing so, there were some important steps that I needed to consistently take to make progress. And, I will share 3 of those steps with you that you can put into action today.

Step #1 – Narrow your focus to one passion. If you have many talents and are passionate about several things, you first need to narrow your focus. Choose the one thing that you dream about often or are most comfortable with doing. I wrote a great article detailing how to narrow your focus when you have many options and you are so good at many things. Check it out! It will give you a simple blueprint to use.

Step #2 – Figure out who are the experts in your area of interest. Who else is doing what you love to do? You could contact them and ask for some advice or simply study their path to success. You are pin pointing the experts in your area not to copy what they do but to see what worked and did not work for them.  So, if you are passionate about packaging your homemade baked tea cakes for sale, you could possibly follow Ms. Fields and understand what allows their company to be so successful. If you are passionate about building a large women’s ministry, you may want to contact Proverbs 31 Ministries and see how you can get involved with some of their initiatives.

Step #3 – Write a list of things that you can do and prioritize the list. You should take time to write a list of things you desire and want to do to further your passion. Maybe there is a training class you want to take in the next two months or maybe you want to start writing articles through a blog about your passion. Whatever the desire, you want to begin to write it down on paper so you can actually have a visual and allow your brain to help you figure out the next steps. Once you write the list, prioritize the items by those things that need to get done first in order to complete the other items on the list.

Your purpose and the passion that motivates you to reach your purpose are all yours. Get serious about your life and the things you want to see in it. It’s time to change your life for the better and it starts with pursuing those things you are passionate about on a consistent basis.

Tell me about the passion you will pursue in the next 30 days.

Eryka T. Johnson