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3 Tips to Easily Organize Your Life

By Eryka T. Johnson


Learning to organize your life will prove to be of great benefit to someone with huge dreams and who desires to impact others. Your life is valuable and until you see that, it will be difficult to navigate through all that this world offers.

No, I’m not talking about being so structured that even the pressing, unplanned events must take a number. But, I am talking about bringing order into your life where things begin to make sense and you no longer live in a world of overwhelm and self-sabotage.

Trust me, I know all too much which it is like to be consumed with so many things that I forget about the important stuff.  Or even, being so dysfunctional in life that I would try anything including throwing in the towel.

I want to share with you 3 easy tips that have helped me tremendously with organizing my life. And, the best thing is you can put all three tips into action today. This is what matters most right? Something practical and can be used right now is always the way to go. So, grab a pen and pad and take notes. 


Tip #1: De-clutter your Mind

Now, this is a big one. 

Your mind holds your thoughts which turn into beliefs which result in a corresponding action. So, it is important to keep your thoughts free of anything that will not add benefit in your life; those things that are negative and that drain all your energy. 

Not to mention, negative thoughts are shaping the life you see.  When you accept these thoughts as truth, you have just created a mindset that will never produce success or even good things for you.  It will produce whatever that negative thought has instructed.

You want to de-clutter your mind by challenging every negative thought and making a decision to reject it so it no longer is your truth.

Having a clear head space affords you the opportunity to dream big and create the belief system that you need to actually convert that dream into your reality.    


Tip#2: First things First

“First things first” is a phrase I often use that relates to placing the correct priority on things in your life. 

So, let me ask. Who are those people and what are those things in your life that are most important? In fact, they are so important that if you were to lose them, it would cause your heart pain.

Prioritizing in relation to importance is the way to go when you are attempting to place meaning on your daily activities. Being super-busy with the wrong things will just produce consequences that you do not want. Choosing to party with your friends every single weekend from Friday through Sunday rather than focusing on your spouse and children will result in you possibly losing your greatest possession, your family. 

When you are overly consumed with things of lesser value, you will never see the things that are of great value that will cause you to be a success and bring joy into your life.


Tip#3: Lighten your Load

Learning to lighten your load will bring an immediate return into your life – a return of your time, energy, and peace of mind.  Could you use some of that?

You are simply learning to say ‘yes’ to those things that are essential and ‘no’ to those things which are not.  If others have placed things on your to-do list which they did not want to do themselves, get rid of it. Politely let them know that you cannot commit to anything else.  In fact, you may want to suggest that they hire someone else to do that for them or even make time in their schedule to take care of it.

You must leverage your to-do list otherwise it can easily get out of control.  Things out of control lack structure and order, hence no organization.

Bringing organization into your life is as simple as de-cluttering your mind, putting first things first, and learning to lighten your load.

Can you share another tip when it comes to organizing your life? Leave a comment below.

Eryka T. Johnson