The 3-Headed Monster: Fear of Success, Fear of Failure, & Fear of the Unknown

By Eryka T. Johnson


Fear is one of those things that grips even the best woman in her tracks.

Should I or shouldn’t I? 

This is the most probable question in her head as she determines whether to step out of her comfort zone and embark on a journey that will change things forever.

I can definitely relate to her.  I’ve dealt with fear in various forms. The reality about fear however is it reveals the area in your life that you need to reinforce.  And, it needs to be reinforced quickly.

Let’s take a look at fear in the 3 forms that I’ve personally struggled with before: 

Fear of success

The fear of success is not believing in your capability or experiencing repeat failures that prevent you from moving forward.

Typically, it says, “This is too big of a risk to take because it could cost me everything and I don’t know that this is a for sure thing.”

When you align with your true change movement, success will come.  You may fail on a few assignments but that does not mean that your overall movement will be a failure.  You are bound for success.

Fear of failure

Fear of failure is fear that relates directly to how you value yourself. 

Typically, it says, “If I try and don’t succeed, I will never be viewed as important again.”

When you are afraid to fail, you are missing the greatest opportunity to learn and grow. 

Change movements require the ability to adapt and move when necessary, hence, the name “change.”  So, it is necessary for you to at least try.

Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown is the uncertainty about what is to come next.

This is really not fear at all. 

When you are uncertain of what’s coming next, the natural tendency will be to cover your eyes and not take a look.

Fearing the unknown is common.  But, the good thing is that you are creating something new so you have the final say and the decision making process lays with you.  Create what you want to see.

Fear has many faces.  Yet, it’s something that many have to face from time to time.

Do not allow fear to keep you from reaching your goal or even pursuing your dream.  Kill the 3-headed monster and continue moving forward.

Tell me about one experience you have had with fear?

Eryka T. Johnson