tough lessons

5 Tough Lessons I Learned about Being a Change Agent

Eryka T. Johnson

Life is full of tough lessons to learn. I know all to well what it means to fail and get back up again. The beautiful thing about failure however, is it that there are some lessons you will only learn from mistakes that you make in your life. Here are 5 tough lessons I learned about being a change agent…

  • Just because someone said ‘you could not’ does not mean you should not. The height of your potential is not measured by the expectation of others. In most cases, their expectation of you cannot compare to your destiny.
  • Strive to always go against the grain and push past the limitations of your current situation. Being different is not a sin rather it is the greatest blessing.
  • Keep your mind open to experiencing your wildest dreams. If you can dream it, you can see it becoming your reality.
  • Fear only exposes the area that you need to strengthen. Instead of shunning fear, understand it so you can overcome it.
  • Your mess only helps to create your message.

Everyday tends to be an opportunity to learn something new. This was 5 of the many lessons I have learned. I would love to hear one lesson you learned. Will you please share?

Eryka T.  Johnson