5 Ways To Self-Promote With Grace As A Woman Professional

By Eryka T Johnson


Wish you could self-promote in the workplace with ways that feel natural to you as a woman?

Most women professionals may find it difficult to share their accomplishments out of fear that you may sound too direct or perceived as too aggressive.

In last week’s article Why Most Women Professionals Fail To Land The Promotion They Deserve, we explored several challenges holding women professionals back.

As we continue our focus this month on getting promoted, let’s discuss 5 ways to self-promote with grace as a woman professional.

  1. Setup a recurring monthly or bi-weekly 1-on-1 meeting with your direct leadership to discuss your accomplishments, current challenge and path-forward, and career development plan


  1. Present the progress of your assignment or major initiative to a room full of influencers (management team)


  1. Submit an article sharing your expertise or request to be featured in your company’s monthly newsletter


  1. Remove barriers for others and be known for your excellent negotiation skills


  1. Serve others, be helpful, and watch them sing your praises


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