You are Well Able to Overcome

By Eryka T. Johnson

And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it. (Numbers 13:30)

Are you well able to overcome?

Yes, I’m confident that you are but several are still held back. It appears that the chatter of the human mind holds many in captivity. It speaks things like ‘You are not good enough, You don’t have what it takes, You don’t have all the resources, or even You don’t have the ability.’ This chatter is all rooted in fear. Fear is the weapon used to hinder many from attempting to step out in their Kingdom assignment.

It is time to forbid fear and the negativity of your mind from dictating your next steps. As a spirit-led Believer, God has equipped you with all that is necessary to fulfill the call (just as He did with the children of Israel). However, you can prevent the delay by refusing to be discouraged or even frighten by God’s desire to use you.

God has given you an assignment and a place in which to reign on this Earth. This is the portion of the Kingdom of God you are responsible to assist bringing forth. It is a place of influence and the realm in which you have been ordained to freely operate. You have a significant role and others are depending on you. Without your commitment, many will suffer or even die spiritually.

I stand as a present-day Caleb saying IT IS TIME! It is time to possess what God has already given you, It is time to drive out the illegal occupants and take dominion, It is time because God has anointed you, It is time because He has strategically placed others within His family to assist you, and It is time because the kingdoms of this world must come down.

It is time to AMEN the plans of Heaven concerning your because YOU ARE WELL ABLE TO OVERCOME!

What is the biggest obstacle you must overcome?

Eryka T. Johnson