Eryka T Johnson

Leadership Brand Strategist, Author & Keynote Speaker Eryka T. Johnson is the Founder of High Pursuit LLC, a personal development company, where she helps emerging women leaders in corporate elevate their careers and influence in the workplace. 

With nearly 15 years as an engineer and leader at ExxonMobil, guiding and focusing the efforts of people all around the world to accomplish a common goal, Eryka has honed her ability to quickly get to the root of a matter, deal with challenges head on and arrive at solutions promptly. This experience and knowledge coupled with a genuine desire to help emerging women leaders get noticed, define their personal brands, create new opportunities for themselves, and authentically lead from the core, makes Eryka a valued asset to any woman leader seeking to go from invisibility to influence.

Having a natural gifting for building confidence and momentum, Eryka has helped countless women find clarity, confidence, and courage to lead effectively starting from the inside out. In fact, in her book Own Your Life – A Practical Guide To Personal Leadership And Being The STAR In Your Life With No Excuses, Eryka guides women through a unique system of re-invention which she has developed over the years. Women gain clarity on what they want, identify personal barriers holding them back, transform faulty mindsets, take action, and share their unique gifts of leadership with others.

Eryka’s own journey to re-invention in the workplace was not easy as she has had her fair share of roadblocks to overcome along the way. For years, she struggled with those persistent feelings of low self-worth, lack of confidence and feelings of inadequacy. Until one day while at the point of great despair and ready to walk away from her dream and corporate, she realized it was her mindset, her own way of thinking that was holding her back. It was then that Eryka made the life altering decision to break free from this self-destructive mentality once and for all and this marked the beginning of her re-invention and ignited her passion for leadership!

Now, for the past 10 years, Eryka’s been the voice for women all over the world who have a desire to be more, do more and go farther in life; get inspired and motivated to start their very own revolution. It has been her heart’s desire that every woman, regardless of where she comes from, what she looks like or what she has done in her past – have the same opportunity to compete for leadership roles and be treated as an equal in the workplace.

Through the Influencers Leadership Institute, Eryka provides a place for emerging women leaders to find unconditional acceptance and a system of accountability. These courageous women take steps everyday towards accomplishing their goals and being more effective leaders through events, signature programs, coaching, and keynote talks.

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When Eryka’s not pouring into her clients or speaking to a room full of influential women, she is busy spending time with her supportive husband, Rodrick, and their three beautiful children – Rodrick Jr., Elena, and Caleb. Their family attends The Life Church in Baytown, TX.