student of your purpose

Becoming a Student of Your Purpose

By Eryka T. Johnson

In order to truly fulfill your purpose and share it with others, you must be knowledgeable in your area of purpose. In other words, becoming a student of your purpose will be a great benefit. No, I’m not saying today you must be the expert. But, surely you should be proactive and become knowledgeable over time to eventually position yourself as an expert.

This will require you to read books and study where necessary. And yes, this is done over a period of time.

Let’s just say your statement of purpose is as follows:

”My personal statement of purpose is to end poverty in low-income families living in the urban areas of northern Chicago through ongoing financial training and education.”

Now, if you are going to live up to this statement you may want to know…

    • How is poverty defined?
    • How did the individual families you will assist end up falling into poverty?
    • What is the income range of the low-income families you will assist?
    • What is the best way to become an advocate for your target group?
    • What are the names of each street in northern Chicago that are within your target area?
    • What tools or programs are currently provided by the federal, state, or local governments that could benefit your target group?
    • What financial tools work best with your target group?
    • How will you distribute the information to these families – door-to-door house calls, mass phone calls, meetings at the local community center, webinars, websites, emails, fun day in the park, picnics, etc.?

As you can see, you must continue to stretch your mind and fill it with knowledge and ideas that will allow you to grow in your purpose. Because others are depending on you, commit to being a student and living up to your personal statement of purpose.

Also, please note that Rome was not built overnight. You must place one foot in front of the other and begin moving. As you gain more knowledge and momentum, you will see everything coming together beautifully.

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Eryka T. Johnson