bookMy $15K Mistake Or So I Thought…

One book changed my business and brand.

After spending an entire year in a mastermind coaching program with a Million dollar marketing coach and investing quite a bit of $$$ back in 2013, I left the program feeling discouraged and defeated.

I had some success with my business. But, the amount of effort I put in (full-time hours plus still working a full-time job and taking care of my family) certainly did not match the amount showing up in my bank account.

And, the last words my coach left with me at our final one-on-one call was, “You need to work on your brand. When you write your book, it will help.”

BRAND…really? We’ve literally spent the last 12 months together and now you tell me to spend more time on my messaging. Why not tell me this 10 months ago?

I felt cheated and humiliated after spending my family’s hard earned money with little ROI. 

Or so I thought…

I began the process of writing my book. I was using the hashtag #ownyourlife and really felt connected with that for my book title. 

But every time I sat to write, I got a couple pages written then hit writer’s block.

At that time, I did not understand the significance of having a book outline, solid writing strategy, or writing deadlines. 

But, I quickly realized that I was going nowhere fast. So I just kept dreaming about authoring a book and leading others with my words. 

Then in January 2015, something major happened at my day job with my incredible team who had did some amazing work for me over a 2-year period. My team was dissolved without any advance warning. 

I felt I had let them down and even questioned my leadership capability. 

As the leader, I had not been trusted by management with the knowledge that another resource was being considered to take over my team’s responsibilities.

This became an absolute CATALYST for my book AND subsequently my business.

In that moment, I made a decision to write Own Your Life – Practical Guide To Personal Leadership And Being A S.T.A.R. With No Excuses.

I was in my kitchen washing dishes and finally got a download on what I had been missing in my brand and business. It was not the message I was sharing. 

RATHER…my target market was all wrong. 

I had spent years motivating women and built a large community around the message of value, purpose, and confidence.

I would develop surveys and get solid feedback on what they needed. 

But, when I would create trainings and products to address their needs, I would do 1 to 2 sales often discounting price to make that happen. And, the offerings were already affordable.

This struggle was because my market was not to every woman. It was ONLY to women who were obsessed with taking action – Women Leaders.

It finally made sense once I truly made the decision to write my book.

This breakthrough along with the fuel of failure got me ambitious and ready to complete my first book draft in less than 30 days back in February 2015. 

And, I did it!

Now, I only work with women leaders who believe in investing in themselves and growing their knowledge base. 

I feel so much more fulfilled and excited about expanding my business this year. 

Are you ready to create your business or hone your brand message with a book?

Are you ready to commit?

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