living in a cage

Breaking Loose – Are You Living in a Cage?

By Eryka T. Johnson

Are you living in a cage?

Are you stuck by unyielding circumstances?

Do you feel there is no way out?

Is your creativity restricted to a certain area?

Well, you may be living in a cage and not fully aware of it.

Living in a cage indicates that your actions are controlled by an external force – whether a person or circumstance. This outside force dictates your every move and keeps you from obtaining the highest expression of who you are.

If you can identify a few characteristics of a cage, then you will be able to break free. Here are 3 characteristics:


A cage is made of metal.

This means that the room for flexibility and growth is minimal. Things are rigid and never change. There is no bending or movement of any kind.

Some people or situations try to keep you from changing and wish that you never realize your full potential. If they could stop or hinder your success, they would.

However, if you know metals, then you know that all of them reach a point when they lose their strength. This is when they are over-heated or pressure is applied. Apply the same principle in your life and break free.


A cage is made of several bars.

Several bars indicate there is no escape or your chances are slim to known of escaping. No matter which direction you turn, you will be faced with yet another obstacle.

Being hit with a large amount of opposition at one time can be discouraging for most people. Guess what? You are not like most people. You are resilient and have a passion to see your dreams come true.

When working with metals, you can alter the physical appearance of a metal by cutting it or striking it with a large force. Clear the path for yourself and live by applying the same standard.


A cage has a small enclosed area.

Basically, this small area has been established with boundaries that prevent you from going any farther and prevent you from freely moving about.

Your dreams are what distinguish you from the next person. If you don’t have dreams then you lack creativity and the desire to do and see more. Again, enlarging your capacity to receive and dreaming big will allow you to break free from small thinking.

Because you are a change agent and want to do incredibly big things, you need room to grow, room to explore, and room to reach your highest potential. Don’t allow a cage to dictate how you will live your life.


What other characteristics can you think of about a cage? I would love to hear them. Please share below.

Eryka T. Johnson