3 Ways To Being a History Maker

By |March 8th, 2017|Leadership, Leadership Development, Personal Branding, Value|

3 Ways To Being a History Maker An International Celebration of Women Accomplishments Everywhere Do you consider yourself a History Maker? Each year during the month of March, women everywhere are celebrated for courage, leadership, and vision to see the communities we live in thrive and make our nation a better place for all people. It is no secret that women made and continue to make major contributions to shaping not only our American History but our future legacy as well. Not only do women possess the drive and conviction to effect change in this great nation but we do so [...]

How To Uplevel Your Confidence

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How To Uplevel Your Confidence Do women experience a confidence gap in terms of success? This one question sent me on a mission to understand the importance of belief in self while influencing and leading others. Women desire to take bigger risks yet make decisions within their comfort zone. Women say they want more yet continue to invest in fear.  Women long for larger platforms and higher visibility but ask too small because they fear rejection. Yes! We suffer from a lack of confidence at all levels of leadership. Personally, I call it the belief gap - an inability to [...]

3 Simple Tips To Define Your Personal Brand In The Workplace

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3 Simple Tips To Define Your Personal Brand In The Workplace Has anyone in the workplace ever asked what do you stand for, what are your personal values or what is your personal guarantee? If they did, they were seeking clarity about your personal brand. Branding in the workplace is just as important as branding is for businesses like Apple, Nike, and ExxonMobil. In today’s article, let’s discuss 3 simple tips to define your personal brand in the workplace. Can you recall ever working on a team with someone and knowing beforehand the experience to expect? The team leader would [...]

A Temporary Circumstance But A Permanent Breakthrough

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A Temporary Circumstance But A Permanent BREAKTHROUGH! Don't make a permanent decision from a temporary circumstance and don’t give up in the midst of your BREAKTHROUGH! I love these words as it often reminds me that in life we will deal with issues. God knows I’ve had my share of them. But, if you can move through the issues without camping out there, life will much easier and enjoyable. In fact, this past November, I met with about 10 women for a 3-day coaching weekend. Everything was on the table as we talked about things in their lives that had [...]