Change agents

Change Agents are Catalysts for World Change

By Eryka T. Johnson

Change Agents are those individuals serving as catalysts for change in the world on a daily basis.  The world, in this case, is their everyday surroundings.

They are the voices that do not keep silent in the face of adversity.  They are the ones that do not keep quiet when those they were designed to touch are hurting and in desperate need.

Do you realize that you play a vital role in the large scheme of things?

The world is waiting to hear from you. In fact, others are waiting to hear your powerful message, your story of victory.

For several years, I had the potential to be a powerful change agent but lacked the know-how, the time, and was full of fear.  One day, I decided to face these obstacles and here I am…

Living my best life while having free time, more energy, less stress, great sex, and an awesome family.  

Through persistence, focused efforts, and wisdom from God, I figured out a way to move pass the barriers, gain laser-beam focus, and move fearlessly towards achieving my goals.  This is why I’m so committed to serving you so that you too can enjoy life.

Did you get that?  

You have the potential to change the world!  You can act as an accelerant right now and join others to their solution.  You can shape the world by making a difference.  

So, what is holding you back?  Is it fear of failure, lack of family support, lack of self-love, or something else?  I would love to hear so please join me at or and leave your comment. You can also leave your comment below.  

Eryka T. Johnson