win in lifeChange The Life Of Another Woman & Help Her Win In Life

By Eryka T. Johnson

When was the last time you helped to change the life of another woman so she could win in life?

You now, during a recent coaching weekend in November, I had an opportunity to change the life of several women by using an incredible gift that God gave me. In fact, my gift of being able to see solutions and problem solve came in quite handy as each woman worked through some serious challenges over the course of 3 days.

This is how it worked…each attendee came with her most pressing need. These were often things that would cause anyone to be stuck worrying how to overcome and move on. Yet, I was able to work with every woman to develop a plan to change things so she could finally begin living her best life.

It was absolutely life changing and serious breakthrough took place!

Imagine being able to have someone help you strategize on life’s most challenging issues. In today’s article, I will be answering a question posed by a proud supporter of faced with family challenges.

“I really love my siblings. But, we have struggled for years with jealously. Being the youngest, I often had the attention of my mother. And, my sisters and brothers can’t stand it. But, I never did anything wrong to them but respect them. The situation has gotten so bad that we often can’t come together or even talk civilly to one another. I want so desperately to have my family come together and REALLY be a family again. Eryka, can you help? – Sara”

Thanks Sara for sharing your challenge with me!

First, I must say that it takes a very courageous individual to carry the burden of bringing together a divided family. But, don’t worry…you got this!

Considering there is a communication issue between you and your siblings, you will have to be very clear when making contact with them. Let me suggest sitting down and writing a letter to your siblings. In the letter, express how you desperately want them to come together making sure you are not blaming anyone for the family mess. In fact, express your love for them. Your first objective is to build relationship and trust so that you can move to speaking openly about the family challenge.

Also, plan a family banquet and invite all your siblings and their spouses. If your siblings live in various areas of the US, you may want to schedule the event several months in advance to allow each of them the opportunity to make it. Use that opportunity to talk, enjoy each other, and clear the elephant in the room.

Remember to be patient, stay prayerful, and expect things to turnaround in your family. Best wishes Sara.

If you are faced with a major challenge, send me your question. I’ll help a few of you strategize so you too can win in life.

Eryka T. Johnson