Christmas Specials

50% off of special package deals designed for you. It just got EASIER to kick down the brick wall stopping your progress!

What if this Christmas you don’t overspend on items that you will forget about in a couple months, but you invest into yourself – your most prized possession?

I must admit, as a woman, it is EASY to constantly do for everyone else and ensure they are happy; while you often leave your needs for last. Sometimes, you get to them but mostly you never find the time or energy to take care of yourself. Instead, you are left feeling under-appreciated, taken advantage of by others & down right overworked.   

Imagine, you walking around with a smile on your face not only because you were able to get the kids everything on their wish list, but you finally was able to lift the load off your shoulders that you’ve been carrying around for years.  You kicked down that brick wall that was holding you back and causing so much discomfort. Now, you are happy, have extra cash in your purse for that girls’ day out at the spa, & have a fresh new start in life again.

This Christmas, I’ve made it EASY for you to pay a little more attention to yourself by designing 3 package deals that every woman must have in her own personal library because you deserve it!

Merry Christmas!

With LOVE,

Eryka T. Johnson