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Conditioning Your Mind for Success – 5 Mindset Shift You Must Go Through to Realize Your Dreams

By Eryka T. Johnson

The art of being successful has everything to do with your mindset. Conditioning your mind for success requires mindset shifts.  This article details 5 mindset shifts you must go through to realize your dreams.

Within the mind are the pictures, visions, and dreams that you have been holding on to for years. Attached to them are the beliefs that either (1) keep you from moving forward or (2) push you into the center of the action. Nevertheless, your mindset will inevitably determine just how far you go. For this very reason, you must condition your mind to be successful by first training it to see things differently.

Here are 5 mindset shifts you must go through in order to realize your dreams:

Taking risks are required.

You will never do the impossible until you attempt it. This is the core of any risk-taking action.

The outcome is not always predictable but be willing to at least show up for the challenge. 9 times out of 10, you will be successful. Either it will be success by achievement or success by failure which teaches you an invaluable lesson that otherwise you may have never learned.

To be the best and do the best requires you to be risky at times.


Standing alone is not so bad.

Standing alone does not mean that you refuse help and try to build your dream by yourself. Rather, it means to take time to clarify your vision and be willing to boldly share it even if it means that no one else will stand with you.

Remember, this is only temporary as you soon will be lovingly leading others and building a huge network of followers and supporters. They will catch your vision and willingly share it.


Fear is your friend.

Fear is our mind’s way of letting us know that we have yet to conquer a certain area.

Understanding the reason you are fearful in an area will cause you to assess, evaluate, and make every effort to strengthen that area. Fear does not have to be an enemy of yours if you are willing to embrace it as a true friend.


Failure is good.

I once heard a wise man say, “Fail and fail fast.”

The quicker you fail the easier it will be to make a comeback. If you already understand what does not work, all your efforts will be focused on what will work every time. In other words, you will develop your system of best practices.

Learning to adapt after a hard fail will reveal itself as being beneficial to realizing your dreams.


Opposition is motivating.

You will never know the full impact of realizing your dreams until a force opposes you and tries to keep the dream from becoming a reality. If you carefully pay attention, you will find that this opposition keeps you at your best resulting in a charge that will fuel your every action.

If you want to carry your dream forward quickly, find your opposing force and allow it to sharpen you.

As you step out to living your dreams, take the time to consider these 5 mindset shifts and quickly apply them.

I would love to hear what other mindset shifts may be necessary in order to realize your dreams. Please share your comments.

Eryka T. Johnson