Connecting Your Hunger with Action

By Eryka T. Johnson

I was sitting here listening to a recording from Dr. Ransom Mumba who pastors the church my family began visiting this year – El Shaddai. And, I was inspired.

I began thinking about the choice we made this year to find another church home. Not because we were mad with our old pastor or church family, rather because we were HUNGRY for more. We believed there was so more to the Kingdom of God that we had yet to learn.

It has been uncomfortable moving away from the familiar and getting out of the box. But, in the past couple months things have happened in our lives that are out of the ordinary. We know that God has His hand of favor on us. Not only have we seen un-expected pay increases, but He guarded my husband in a car accident when the car was a total loss. Also, he spared my son who fell from the playground monkey bars, hit his head, and lay unconscious for over 30 minutes. And if that was not enough, there has been an increased desire and zeal to fulfill purpose and complete our God-given assignments.

I’m totally SATISFIED with where God has me right NOW!

Have you ever been so HUNGRY for something that you could taste it?

I hope you have. I want to encourage you not to be afraid. When you take a step forward, you are allowing God to increase more in your life.  If HE has given you a word or troubled you at night, it’s time to listen and TAKE ACTION.  You must move!

God has amazing things for you and your family. Don’t let fear keep you from moving. There is more for you. Do you want greater? Then, you must be willing to do what you typically would not.

I’m not advocating that you should leave your church. No, this was my family’s situation. Our season was up and it was time for a change in the direction of GREATER. But, perhaps God has been speaking to you to start your own business, design a clothing line, host a conference, ask for a raise, spend more time with your kids, build a better relationship with your spouse, and the list goes on.

If you are HUNGRY, it is time to move. Are you ready to charge forward? Respond back and let me know.

Eryka T. Johnson