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Eryka Johnson is a natural-born leader that utilizes her personal and professional experiences to help empower and enrich the lives of women all across the country. Eryka has been an inspiration to me and has provided much needed insight and advice related to challenges that I have had in both the workplace and at home. She utilizes a unique blend of corporate leadership, spiritual insight and straight-talk to help women realize and achieve their true potential. I recommend Eryka’s services whether for personal or professional growth.
Regina Davis, Process Department Head, Beaumont Refinery, ExxonMobil
Eryka is an inspirational leader who will motivate you through your self-imposed struggles in today’s corporate workplace. Her instructional style will guide you through the steps of branding your talents and ensuring that you stay in control of your destiny. Success is yours for the taking!
Jelinda Gibson-Allen, Maintenance Group Leader, The Dow Chemical Company
Mrs. Johnson and I have worked together for over ten years. And she has always been an encourager, a leader, and a motivator. Always placing in your spirit the positive things we sometimes just miss or chose to forget. Working in the Oil Industry which usually is dominated by men, Mrs. Johnson has made strides in this industry that makes her stand with the best. She has never been willing to just fit in, but to always achieve above and beyond. In doing so she has shown me and others that it can be done.
Pam Parker, Equipment Strategy GRT-SME, UP Professional Solutions LLC
Eryka Johnson is a powerful speaker and has a gift for encouraging others. Her personal drive, entrepreneurial skills, and vision are inspiring to those around her. She sets the standard, exceeds expectations, and encourages others to be their best selves.
Rona S. Smith, MD, Augusta Medical Center
I have known Eryka for more than ten years. Throughout that time, I have watched her continue to flourish both in her business and personal relationships. Eryka has such a passion for life – she goes above and beyond to help others recognize and work towards their purpose. Highly enthusiastic, organized, efficient, driven, and most of all, humble, are just a few words that I would use to describe Eryka – qualities of a true leader indeed. Her positive energy is infectious, which is one of the many reasons why she has a loyal following. It is with pleasure that I recommend Eryka Johnson as a presenter, mentor or life coach. A true leader and friend whom I adore and am extremely proud of.
Gladys F. Harris, MBA, Staffing Specialist – Oil & Gas Industry

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