Dreaming Again

By Eryka T. Johnson

What in this life has stolen your dream? Who have you given permission to deter and replace your dreams with theirs? Where did you see yourself when you first realized that God would use you in the most incredible way?

Dreams are actually a means of Heaven communicating directly with you. In fact, this is one of the ways to hear from God. These are impressions from God that if we are faithful to hold on to will come to pass. But, if you allow others and circumstances to dictate your future, you will stop dreaming and lose all hope of ever seeing your dreams come to past.

Remember, dreaming gives your mind the freedom to drift away from the limitations of man and self and places you in a position to visualize all the Lord has for you. If your dream has been momentarily snatched, I encourage you to reflect back to when you first visualized yourself moving out in this awesome vision. Then, begin to refocus and re-align yourself with God’s destiny.

Eryka T. Johnson