encourage you

Can I Encourage You & Stir Your Faith For a Moment?

By Eryka T. Johnson

Today, I really felt the need to encourage you and stir your faith.  Let’s just say…I got a tip from someone that you really needed to have your spirits lifted. So, let me talk straight with you for a second.

Lately, you have lost hope and feel as though things will never be different; if only you had the opportunity to really share what’s in your heart…

You are not alone and I have felt this same anxiety before as well. You can feel things nearly about to explode inside you yet you still don’t see things changing around you.  It’s almost like a seed that has been planted in the ground and is in the process of maturing. You don’t see anything happening but if you wait just a little longer, the fruit will appear.

The reality is that your faith will be tested & your belief in self will be tried.  I say faith because this is believing in something that you have not seen but know it to be true.  You are called to be more, do more, & produce more. But, you have yet to see it in real-time. You are investing in your education, your family, your marriage, your career, but things are not changing quickly enough.

Listen…don’t give up just yet!

Things are just getting ready to break. You are in what some would call a holding position or the maturing stage of the process. If you make one wrong move or try to force things, you could ruin everything.

The important thing here is to recognize that this present slump is not the end of the story. Things are just getting ready to take-off. So, forget about those who have counted you out, laughed and ridiculed your efforts, and told you that you were nuts for making that decision.

If you are thinking about quitting, let me remind you of this…Rome was not built in one day. You have everything inside of you to create the life you have always wanted. You will rise to the top and be better for the time you are weathering now.

Believe it…next year this time you will be better and further along in your journey. Please write and let me know how you were encouraged and stirred to continue.

Eryka T. Johnson