End the struggle and get over yourself

How to End the Struggle – 6 Tips to Get Over Yourself & Start Growing Again

By Eryka T. Johnson

Today, my heart is heavy because I feel that many of you are in a battle.  You are in a battle where if you don’t get relief right now, you will give up and walk away for good.  You are in a battle where you are backed in a corner and there is no way to escape.  You are in a battle where if they criticize or point out one more thing about your life, you are going to lose it.  Let me speak to you for a moment.  Would you like to end the struggle and start growing again in your life?

Well, I want to encourage you to stay focused and weather this time of struggle.  Although, the world around you that you have grown to love is now being compromised and those in your world are becoming questionable, don’t lose your cool.  Even though, this is a tumultuous time in your life, I need you NOT to give up.  Yes, I understand it is hard and your heart may have been broken.  But, if you can muster enough strength to stay the course, I promise you will be better in the end.

Why? There is purpose in this struggle.

I too have faced some tough challenges in my life.  Did I ever tell you about my 3 year long experience? Well, the details are not important here but this is…because of my unwillingness to see myself in the situation as well as not being fully open to correction, I stayed right where I was.  For 3 long years, I had no movement or growth.

Let me make this clear. I’m not saying that your situation is a result of something you did but I am saying to take a hard look at where you are in the midst of the situation.

Please get clear on how you are seeing yourself. Are you the victim? Are you the one everyone else blames? Are you the one that needs the relief?  If you are constantly seeing yourself as the victim, can I make a bold statement to you? You will never grow or get out of this situation.

The moment I stopped blaming everyone else around me and started seeing the role I played in my challenge, things changed instantly.  No longer was I trying to change everyone else.  In fact, I decided to work on me and change my mindset, my actions, and my reactions.  Yes, instantly I began to feel relief and things were looking up.  YOU are your #1 asset so you must do everything to preserve it and ensure that you continue to grow.

So, if you dealing with a tough situation right now, let me give you 6 tips that will help in this struggle…

  • Tip #1– Accept that life happens and no one is excluded from challenging times.
  • Tip #2 – Examine how you are seeing yourself in the situation.
  • Tip #3 – Stop making things about you, you are not the VICTIM.
  • Tip #4 – Determine if you are ready to embrace change as a result of going through this challenge.
  • Tip #5 – Work on your mindset and how you respond from this point forward.
  • Tip #6 – Experience the breakthrough that will now happen.

I’m ready to enjoy triumph with you, so go ahead and face this challenge, incorporate the 6 tips above, get over yourself, and start growing again as an empowered woman.

Let me know how this has helped.

Eryka T. Johnson