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Eryka’s Top Work Life Balance Tips for Women Leaders

By Eryka T. Johnson

As a leader, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and engineer, often times balance becomes an issue for me. I would love to be ‘all things to everybody at all times” but that’s not my reality. Actually, it’s a misconception. You physically cannot be in 10 places at one time without burnout. Today, let’s discuss how to prevent burnout with these top work life balance tips for women leaders.

It wasn’t easy raising kids, keeping my home clean, dating my husband, completing assignments on time at work, and providing direction to my ministry team ALL at the same time. But, it was my life. As hectic as it was, I loved being there for others. Yet, there were still times that things got stressful and I wanted to quit. I came to the realization in order to help those counting on me to be my best I needed to re-think how to have better work life balance.

With much practice over the years, I’ve learned the key to balance which is quite simple. All things lead to prioritization. What is most important at that time. When you try to do too much, it simply overcomplicates things. If you simplify your life, you will reduce stress and prevent burnout. Let me share a few work life balance tips that have worked for me over the years.

  • Say “no” lovingly. Not all things are meant for you to do at this moment. You can always decide later to adjust your schedule for other activities or commitments that spark your interest.


  • Be clear about your purpose in life at that moment. Clarity simplifies everything. Refuse to spend countless hours doing things to please others which don’t give you the satisfaction needed. These types of things leave you feeling empty and out of balance.


  • Focus on the most important things first. Everything should have an order in your life. If your faith and family are first, the majority of your time should center around enjoying your faith and your family.


  • Accept that seasons change. What may be a priority the first half of the year may not necessarily be the same focus and priority the last half. Be ok with that. Things and priorities change.


  • Be selfish with “me” time. You are only one person although a superwoman. You need rest and time to breath. Your special time can come in various forms from meditation, prayer time, exercise time, a walk alone in the park, a day of shopping, taking a nap, and the list goes on. Find something that fits you and really screams “me” time then enjoy it. Allow no one to interfere with your time. Make it clear to your family and spouse that you need this time to better care for them and everything else in the house. They will appreciate that.


  • Bring your lunch to work. Use your lunch break as time to pay bills, schedule appointments, capture your thoughts by journaling, or plan the rest of your day or week.


  • Empower your team. Individuals on your team have gifts and skills you need to employ. Figure out what they are good at and delegate tasks to them. As a leader, your job is to help build others to their full potential. Delegate more and you may re-gain your time, peace, and sanity.

Share below a work life balance tip that has helped you be your best.


See you at the top,

Eryka T. Johnson