Our Facebook Community is Hot…

By Eryka T. Johnson


Have you been over to our Facebook community lately?

This past week, there has been some interesting conversations going on that I would like to fill you in on so you don’t feel left out. Ok, I’m sorry!  I meant to say I would like to fill you in on what’s been happening over on our Facebook page since I love all my clients & customers and want to ensure all your needs are met.

A Secret, Hot Topic Discussed

This past week, I asked a question about why so many women don’t like to openly share about their experiences of having been sexual abused at some point in their lives. Well, if you know my story, then you know that I’m a 4X sexual abuse survivor. And, I share that because I don’t want other women to feel isolated and trapped thinking she will never be able to function at a higher level again in her life or be what God called her to be.

The responses from these women were candid & overwhelming. Here are some the things they shared. Women don’t speak up because they…

  • Feel embarrassed
  • Have negative thoughts about the situation
  • Feel ashamed
  • Are angry and bitter
  • Did not realize they were sexually abused
  • Don’t feel they have any self-worth
  • Don’t believe it’s really happening due to stereotypes
  • Have not forgiven themselves
  • Want to put old problems behind
  • Are told that it’s supposed to stay in the family
  • Fear of being judged by peers

I was so moved with compassion that I sent out a corporate prayer to release women from this pain. And, the prayer went viral as several women shared it with their followers and friends.

The reality is that 25% of women worldwide have suffered sexual abuse as a child or while attending college.

So, this is a real issue. However, because of various inner struggles that the abused have, it goes un-reported, trapped in the recesses of her mind, and never spoken of again.

Because of the large number of women still suffering, I released a workbook on Friday that helps women move through the healing process on her terms. In It’s Not My Fault – A Personal Study to Healing from Sexual Abuse, I share in-depth studies of 3 compelling women in the Bible so the abused knows she is not alone. It also includes an easy-to-follow healing model & a personal self-assessment to work through.  This 50-page workbook has helped to liberate others as we discussed this same topic in our 1st women’s retreat session in 2010.sexual abuse

The women at the retreat had never heard the story of the Israelite concubine that had been gang-raped by the men of a particular city. Her story is told highlighting the key players in the incident, the effects the abuse had on her, what spirits (the root cause) was operating in the attacker, and questions to get you thinking.

You can order your copy here.

A Cry for Help was Heard

The same day, I also asked our Facebook community about their interest in a group mentorship program that would walk women step-by-step through the process of finding her purpose and using her gifts effectively. The response floored me again as 20+ women responded with a resounding ‘Yes’. Many asked if they could be in the program as this is needed and there is currently no program out there today that specifically deals with this issue.

So, it settled it for me.

Next week, I will be introducing the Life Calls Group Coaching Program. In 8 weeks, I will walk these incredible women through a process that helped me & others find what we were called to be working on at this time.

Did you know that Jesus had at least 15 purposes highlighted in the Bible? Yet, his ultimate destiny was to transfer the ownership of the world back to God’s family and free us from the curse.

My point is that our purpose will always connect our life with our destiny.  However, if you never take the time to find your purpose, you are in danger of not fulfilling your destiny.

Details about the program will be released next week as we will begin in late January. Be on the lookout as the doors will open next week for you to reserve your spot.

So, I believe this is all I wanted to share with you.  Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others and caring enough about yourself to live out your dreams.

Eryka T. Johnson