God Wants to Help Birth Your Dreams

By Eryka T. Johnson

When it comes to excelling in every area of your life, it first begins with a dream to be more, go farther, and live out your destiny. Dreams are merely imaginations of the mind that if you can attach more concrete information to them will eventually become a vision or roadmap to having the life of your dreams – your best life.  In this article, we will discuss how God wants to help birth your dreams so you can have a more powerful life.

I can recall back in 2002, desperately asking God to help me be the woman that my husband not only loved but absolutely adored. At that time, this seemed nearly impossible because there was so much hurt, pain, and disagreement in our marriage. We loved each other but had no sense of the word forgiveness or letting things drop and moving on. Instead we magnified each other’s flaws seeking to prove that we were better and the other person was inferior hence needing to change.

At that time, I had no idea that when I began writing my prayers in a journal and detailing out what I envisioned things looking like that I was actually putting God in a position to truly birth my dreams. When people say “if you can think it God can do it” or “as a man thinks so is he”…these are true statements.

Have you ever thought why you may not be seeing exactly what you want in your life? Perhaps, you are neglecting to dream.

The ability to dream is something that is a gift to human beings. We are the only species on Earth capable of exercising this God-given ability. Not only will it create a real change in your life, but you will begin to go farther than you would have ever imagined.

The Good Book gives us clear instructions to renew our mind or change our way of thinking. Don’t allow un-productive thoughts to pollute your mind. Because, the mind is the hub to you seeing all your dreams come true.

Feed your mind by eating better and reading books that will inspire and motivate you to take an action. Also, buy a journal and capture your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even those God-size dreams that seem will never come true.

Let me tell you…I’m living my dream from 2002. Not only does my husband love and adore me but my kids admire and want to be like me.

God not only gives you what you dream but always adds something extra which we call lagniappe in Louisiana. Please give Him something to work with because He desires to help.

Tell me about the dream that you would love for God to birth in your life.

With LOVE,