Ask for what you want

How to Ask For What You Want & Get It

By Eryka T. Johnson

Learning to ask for what you want is something that a lot of individuals struggle with for numerous reasons. Perhaps, you will be rejected or the other individual will ask you to compromise. Whatever the reason, there is a method to ask for what you want and get it every time. I will share this 3-step method with you in today’s article.

I spent a day with one of my girlfriends and we did a bit of shopping. As we walked through a home décor store, my girlfriend spotted a table that would be perfect for her foyer. There were 3 tables remaining – 2 in boxes and 1 floor model already assembled.

The table was beautiful and sturdy too. She absolutely loved the table. And, I did as well.  As she picked up a box, she wondered if the store would actually sale the floor model as this would save her a lot of time not having to assemble it.  So, she boldly asked the customer service representative working in that area of the store. 

“Maybe…the manager typically does not sale the floor model because he likes to sale the boxes first…do you want me to ask?” said the customer service representative.

My friend replied with a “Yes” then patiently waited for the representative to return with her answer. Of course, the manager said “Yes” as he wanted to move items out of the store and make the profit.

I stood and watched the entire episode and saw a quick lesson in it that I wanted to share with each of you. It’s amazing how easy it is to pick up life lessons when you take a step back and observe life happening around you.

Below is the 3-step method on how to ask for what you want and get it…

  • Be intentional. Stop wasting your time asking for things that are un-important or mean nothing to you. In fact, if it does not benefit your life in a way that offers immediate results, don’t waste your time. The reason you may be getting a constant “No” is because you are not purposeful and your motives can be viewed as being greedy.  Both characteristics can be spotted a mile away. 
  • Weave in your story. Because you are intentional and are clear about the importance of the thing you desire, when you set in to ask for what you want, weave your story into the question. This will allow the other individual to become a part of your world through storytelling all while building connection. For example, I’m new in town and have been working the past two months to get my house un-packed & decorated. I would love to buy this table already assembled because it will save me time. Is this option available?
  • Expect to get what you want. Asking with confidence is a sure way to demonstrate that you are serious and committed to making this thing your own. Not only does your expectation scream I’m worthy but it also says favor is not fair. I mentioned this to my girlfriend as she decided to ask the manager for the floor model.

Try incorporating this 3-step method the next time you desire something. What is there to lose? You will be surprised how others are willingly to freely give things away or let things go simply because you properly asked.

Favor is not fair but it is rewarding.  What things do you desire and can use this 3-step method to obtain?

Eryka T. Johnson