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How To Ease A Troubled Mind & Build Confidence

By Eryka T. Johnson

When it comes to doing a task, feeling that you are less than or don’t have all the necessary resources can lead to uneasiness and a low self-esteem. I know this feeling all too well…wanting to change the world, but not fully prepared with all the necessary skills, tools, or guidance to make it happen. In this article, I will share how to ease a troubled mind and build confidence when you are faced with a task that is beyond your ability.

Back in 2006, I was on a mission to start-up a non-profit organization and leave my day job. I would create a service in my community for low income families that provides financial training and subsequently offers homeownership opportunities.  

I had it all figured out! The very first year we would receive grant money and donations in the sum of $1 Million to get the ball rolling.

At this time, I had incredible faith and was driven to see my dream come true. I applied for grants. DENIED! I went to meetings to discuss requirements for other grants. Again, DENIED! By now, the reality was beginning to set in.

I realized that although I had passion and heart to see this dream become a reality, I lacked in so many other areas. Almost immediately, the feelings of inadequacy invaded my mind. Who was I? Why in the world did I think I could do such an incredible thing, something that was unprecedented?

I decided to invest in myself and got some formal mentoring from professional businesspeople that understood the non-profit industry. Boy, did I have my work cut out for me!

The first bit of advice they gave was BE REALISTIC. Although, I hoped to raise $1 Million in the 1st year, the nonprofit organization lacked the credibility not to mention the know how to get things done. It would be nearly impossible to get this amount of funding during start-up. Besides, only the big boys with huge visibility & faithful contributors could accomplish a goal like that.  Nevertheless, this advice brought me back to reality but more than anything it helped to ease my troubled mind and built my confidence again.

Here is a plan to follow when you are in need of easing your troubled mind and building confidence.

  1. Don’t be ignorant of the skills you lack. Pretending will only get you in trouble. Take inventory and decide which skills are most important to you at this time.
  2. Seek out the best to help you acquire the necessary skill. This may mean giving up Starbucks for 1 – 2 weeks to pay for those services. Mentoring will only contribute to your success.
  3. As you work on yourself, your confidence naturally increases. Internally, you are seeing positive change. And, any change in the positive direction feels good. Starting small then working your way up is perfectly fine.

So, give up feeling stuck when you are faced with a new task because with the plan I just shared you are able to ease a troubled mind and build confidence.

Share one area where you can use this plan to help. Post your comment below.

Eryka T. Johnson