get rid of any problem

How to Get Rid of Any Problem in Your Life for Good

By Eryka T. Johnson

If you had a magic wand, what would you change about your life?  This is a question I often ask my social media community and the response is typically overwhelming. The answers often include pay off debt, buy a new home, start a new business, help out the kids, or even start a new career. Did you know there is a way to get rid of any problem in your life without the use of magic dust or hocus pocus?

Let me explain.

For every problem in life, one thing remains constant…You.  You are at the center of your problems no matter where you go, who you encounter, or the nature of the problem. Until something changes within you, the problem will continue to plague your life however it may only disguise itself in different forms.

For instance, if you are massively in debt, behind in your mortgage payment, & constantly purchase new clothes every month on a maxed out credit card, you may have a problem with money and how you view it. Regardless of the nature of problem, the way to fix the issue is simply to work on yourself.

I had a failing marriage, so I worked on myself.

I had trouble honoring my spouse, so I worked on myself.

I had a boat load of debt, so I worked on myself.

I had a problem excelling on the job, so I worked on myself.

When you take the time to work on yourself, your habits, and your limiting beliefs, you will find that any problem can be fixed.  When I had trouble honoring my spouse, I set out to change things in my life. I spent hours researching the way a wife is to interact with her husband and the best way to show him respect.

As a result, I ended up with a large white binder full of teachings and writings about being a good wife and serving according to Proverbs 31. As well as, resources that I could turn to if I needed more support. I spent time in the mornings for months reading, highlighting, praying, and applying this knowledge as it related to my situation. Also, I found easy ways to honor him in front of the kids to model how they are to respond to their father. More than anything, I wanted to change and realized that I was the one with the problem not my spouse.

Everyone has their own problems to deal with but don’t get so consumed with trying to correct others that you lose sight of what you need to correct within yourself. I truly believe that whatever is in your heart will display in your interactions with others.

If you are constantly attacked with the same problem, it is time to kiss it good bye for once and for all. Here are a few simple ideas to get rid of any problem in your life:

  • Take full responsibility for the part you play in this recurring problem.
  • Get real about how this problem affects those around you.
  • Identify at least one resource that you can turn to for support. For example, if you have a problem with money, you can connect with Financial Peace University by Dave Ramsey to learn how to budget and deal with money wisely.
  • Commit to focusing on the things you want to see rather than staying stuck at what is wrong.
  • Take action. Apply the new knowledge you have acquired to your life consistently for at least a month.
  • Enjoy how things naturally grow from there and see the change in your life.

What problem are you ready to get rid of for good?  Please comment below.

Eryka T. Johnson