narrow your focus

How To Narrow Your Focus When You Are Good At So Many Things

By Eryka T. Johnson

If you are a person with many talents, it is probably difficult to narrow your focus without feeling you are leaving something on the table. In fact, when you understand how to narrow your focus, it actually becomes an incredible tool that you can use throughout your daily life which will offer you benefits over the long term. In this article, we will discuss simple ways to narrow your focus when you are good at so many things.

Struggling to understand which of your many gifts to focus on right now? Then, keep reading because I can help.

I want to encourage you to focus on the things that are most important to you and that add value to your life.  Think for a moment about your many gifts. Which ones are you most comfortable with doing? Which ones help you to be more marketable? In figuring out where to place your focus, I cannot stress enough the need to resist spreading yourself so thin. Unlike popular belief, being a jack-of-all-trades is not the best thing for someone who desires to be a high performer. Instead, being able to master your skill will be more beneficial.

To determine how to narrow your focus when you are blessed with so many gifts or good ideas, ask yourself the following questions:

What speaks to you most? Your passion will always speak louder than anything else. Although you may be good at several things, one will stick out to you. You will think about it often and may even dream about your life if you were doing your passion.

What comes naturally to you? In fact, you do it without even thinking twice about it. It has become a part of your nature; it is second nature to you. You will always revert back to it no matter the situation. Some may say it is your natural instinct.

Can it benefit others? As a person created with a solution to a problem, your passion will not only benefit you it will impact others as well. If you are struggling to see how it benefits others in the long run, it eventually will fail to benefit you long term as well.

I should also note that you can use some of your other talents or gifts to help support the main one that you will focus on now. For instance, if you are good at writing but want to focus on sharing your message of hope with troubled teens, you can actual write articles for a teen magazine or even write a book geared towards helping troubled teens.

Never feel like you are leaving behind your gifts or leaving opportunities on the table.  They are sure to pop back up but in a more supportive role later.

What gift will you focus on in the next few months? Please share, I’m listening.

Eryka T. Johnson