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How to Remain Positive When You Have Every Reason in the World to Have a Bad Attitude

By: Eryka T. Johnson

Have you had one of those days lately…when nothing seems to be going as planned? You got up early to exercise and have your quiet time but as soon as you rolled out the bed, the kids did too! They woke up earlier than usual and now they are interfering with your morning routine.  You missed your exercise session and now that you are at work you seem to be having a horrible day because you did not get your morning coffee or hot breakfast. If this sounds like you, then you should continue reading. In this article, we will deal with how to remain positive when you have every reason in the world to have a bad attitude.

Let me set things straight for a moment. Women often struggle to remain positive when someone else messes with her routine since we are creatures of habit.

This really makes me think about my baby son Caleb…

One Wednesday night, I decided to bring him to worship service with me as my pastor was teaching about favor. Typically, he stays home while the other two kids go to their groups at the church. But, my husband was feeling under the weather and asked me to please bring along the baby. So, I did!

By 8:00 p.m., he really made me regret ever getting him dressed and bundled up to go out in the cold with the constant whining he was doing. He didn’t want the bottle or the pacifier or to be held close or anything that did not resemble his bed. I moved to the back of the church…more whining. I moved into the foyer to view the teaching from the TV…more whining. Finally, I bundled him up and we went to the truck until the other kids were out of their groups.

The reason he had such a BAD ATTITUDE was because I interfered with his routine. You see usually by 7:30 p.m. he is ready to lie down for the night and get some rest after being up so early in the morning and only taking cat naps during the day.

This experience made me think about how women deal with the same things as my sweet Baby Caleb. When she has a plan, you better not get in the way. If you do, you just might get “your head chewed off” because you interfered.

To prevent the bad attitude from telling on you every time your plan is out of control, think about doing the following…

  • Step back for a moment and breathe. Breathing will help you to instantly calm down and will re-direct that negative energy that is trying to escape through your mouth.Big Smile
  • Be flexible. Things will not always go as planned. Be totally comfortable with changing up your routine to fit the day. One size DOES NOT have to fit all.
  • Make a choice to remain pleasant. Because life is full of choices, you hold the key to the kind of day you will have and how you will deal with the pressures in your life. You choose to be happy or to have a bad attitude. So, stop creating un-necessary tension in your life.

What is another way you remain positive in the face of a challenge? Please run over to our Facebook community and let me know.

Eryka T. Johnson