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Increase Your Skill & Build Confidence

By Eryka T. Johnson

Did you know increasing your skill may be another answer to your question on how to build confidence? Knowing you add value because of a skill you have is quite rewarding. But, what’s even more satisfying is being able to put your skill on steroids – building muscle on top of your skill or simply increasing it.  As we continue our confidence series, today we will focus on ways to increase your skill that will instantly result in building confidence.

A skill is anything that you are proficient in that possibly comes easy to you. Actually, it’s an ability to do something well that you could teach others how to do it. One skill that I’ve developed over the years is dancing.

As a child, I loved to dance. In fact, I have pictures of me about 7 years dancing at a wedding reception with an older gentleman. I was concentrating so hard on keeping in sync with the music it’s almost like I was in another world. It is quite hilarious and adorable. But, my favorite times as a little girl dancing was participating in talent shows with my older sister and her high school friends and actually winning. Dance was in my bones. Unfortunately, I did not begin professional dance training until high school. Nevertheless, I did get some training.

Because of my desire, I’ve been able to hone the skill of dancing over the years. In fact, my interest was sparked in 1999 to move more into liturgical dancing. I continued to hone my skill by attending dance classes, conferences, tele-classes, network groups, and purchasing resources that I could take advantage of during my own personal time. Eventually, I went on to train others in the area of liturgical dance, as well as, form and lead a dance ministry.

When it comes to liturgical dancing I’m so confident simply because I invested time in my skill. Have you been able to invest time in your skill?

Well, let’s discuss some ways to increase your skill that allows you to build confidence. 

  • Search for blogs that focus on your skill. Review a few articles on those blog sites and determine if this is content that could help you grow and develop. If so, try bookmarking the URL’s or adding them to your favorites list. A good place to start is
  • Find influential people to follow that are farther along than you in your skill area. Get connected via social media and their website/blog. This will allow you to get firsthand news about any upcoming training.
  • Purchase books, instructionals, CDs, and DVDs that focus on your skill. All will add value at an exceptionally low cost. A good place to start is at
  • Enroll in a webinar, training course, or workshop to increase your skill. Look for those led by experts with good content. You definitely want to learn things that you can put to use immediately to see a return.
  • Hire a mentor or coach. This will allow you to get all the personal attention you need to ensure you are working in the right direction. Do your homework, ask questions, and do whatever it takes to ensure you find someone that is compatible with where you are going.

As you develop your skill, your confidence will naturally build. Could your skill use some steroids? I would love to hear. Let me know on Facebook.

Eryka T. Johnson