intimidating peopleIntimidating People & Your Confidence

By Eryka T. Johnson

Do you have to deal with intimidating people in your life? Those who get joy from putting FEAR in the hearts and minds of those they bully on a daily basis. Dealing with such people can be difficult but not totally impossible. In today’s article, we will discuss intimidating people, what they are after, and how to protect your confidence when dealing with them.

At some point in life, you may have to deal with intimidating people. If so, you need to be ready!

I can recall back in elementary school. I had a classmate who would go out of his way to be mean, tease, and cause me pain. Attending school each day was a struggle for me.

While sitting at my desk in class focusing on the lesson the teacher would be covering for the day, he often would throw paper or even call me names like “Alpo Dog Food.” I literally wanted to hurt him. If only I could take matters into my own hands, but the teacher would never catch him doing terrible things to me so there REALLY was no proof. 

PLEASE NOTE: The main objective of any bully is to invoke fear and take away power from the person they attack.

When you allow intimidating people the satisfaction of “getting the best of you”, they win. You end of mad and upset while they enjoy seeing you sweat and get all out of character. There is help however!

To protect your confidence when faced with intimidating people, you should do the following:

Realize the problem is NOT with you.

Rather the bully has the problem. Those who take pleasure in making others hurt often deal with insecurity, lack of confidence, and possibly envy.

Realize that you have so much to offer.

Why else would someone be targeting you to bring down your spirits and crush your confidence? Instead, take note of your abilities & skills and keep using them to the best of your ability.

Realize that the bully is really screaming for help.

When they do and say mean, terrible things to you, ask what you can do to help? This is one reaction totally un-expected. But, there is a need they have which has yet to be fulfilled. You could possibly be the ONE with their solution.

The next time you have to deal with intimidating people, don’t give them the benefit of seeing you sweat instead draw the line in the sand and stand your ground.

Please respond and let me know how you will deal with intimidating people next time.

Eryka T. Johnson