keeping the family together

Keeping the Family Together – Lessons from an 8 year-old

By Eryka T. Johnson

Do you value keeping the family together in today’s society? If you said “yes”, I can certainly believe you have kids running around getting into things and being a wonderful addition to your family unit.  Let me tell you a secret…kids sometimes have a lot more wisdom than we think and can teach us lessons in life. Often we try to cover up & hide things from our kids when they already sense what’s going on in the home. In this article, I will share a true story and the lesson learned about keeping the family together from a non-verbal counseling session with my son, Rodrick.

My 8 year-old was watching TV one evening before dinner. My husband and I were sitting at the table in the breakfast area talking. I was listening to both my husband and the TV at the same time. A commercial came on that caught my son’s attention. The commercial was about marriage and what leads to divorce. It revealed that the leading cause of divorce was financial problems.

I can only imagine what ran through Rodrick’s mind!

I soon found out what he was thinking when he did one thing. He hit rewind on the TV to get back to the start of the commercial. As he had the commercial on pause, all I could see was the top of his head and eyes looking over the sofa to see if his mom & dad were watching. I gave him a quick glance and he immediately pressed PLAY!

It was so hilarious to me! But, because it was a concern my son had, I did not laugh. I just continued talking to my husband like I had not been counseled by an 8 year-old.

When I went into my room, I could not stop laughing. Rodrick had carefully ensured he got his point across about family, finances, and divorce because he absolutely loves the idea of family and everything family stands for period.

In fact, I love this about my kids. Although, my husband and I grew up without both our parents being there, my kids enjoy the fact that we are a family and take pleasure in doing family activities. Sometimes as parents, we tend to hide the “deep things” from kids but surprisingly, they already have a philosophy of their own.

If you interested in keeping the family together, invite your kids to give you feedback and truly listen to them. I believe so many children are blessed beyond their years with wisdom. God is serious about families and He does everything necessary to ensure families stay together and live in a healthy, prosperous environment. So much so, God will even use an 8 year-old to counsel you about marriage issues.

Have your kids ever counseled you on anything about life? Please share.

Eryka T. Johnson